Two Lovers

When Father died
You saw him in your dream:
“Sitting in a garden
He beckoned to me to go inside.
I said no and shut the door.”
But today at  dawn
You willingly went before Father
And shut the door behind
With no window where I could
Watch the happiness of two lovers.
But I still hear
The sound of your laughter
On that summer morning
When I suddenly woke
On my wooden bed
By the lotus and the pool
And heard the voice of Father
From inside the mosquito net:
“ I die for your white thighs!”
You giggled and ran
From the patio to your bedroom
And Father ran after you.
By the pool I could still
Hear the sound of your laughter
Coming from your bedroom window
Where I yearned to watch
The happiness of two lovers.
Majid Naficy
March 11, 2018